Want to master the art of calligraphy and lettering?

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Do you want to start a freelance career in calligraphy and lettering but don’t know where to start? Are you struggling to properly price your work and snag consistent clients? Have you ever wondered how you can use your creative talents to make money even when you’re not working?

Molly can help.

MJW is online education for calligraphy and lettering. All of the education is hosted here online in the form of e-courses, creative and legal resources, community forums, and personal mentorship.

The MJW community believes that true learning doesn’t come from simply transferring a tutorial video from one computer to another. The ideal learning environment is one of encouragement, accountability, and community. The best education is taught by highly skilled and experienced instructors with a desire to uphold industry standards and an appreciation for student/teacher mentorship.





The Molly Jacques Workshop e-courses are focused on calligraphy, lettering, and creative freelancing. Classes include video lessons along with downloadable assets and helpful guides. Students may submit their preliminary and finalized work to the user gallery within each course. This is where you’ll receive feedback on your projects from Molly and other instructors.mjw_success



Our resource page offers legal and creative resources for aspiring calligraphers and letterers. These includes legal templates, explanations, digital textures, backgrounds, templates, lettering and calligraphy alphabet templates, and more.mjw_success



The MJW curated shop offers a variety of suggested art supplies and resources that you can use for each e-course.mjw_success



The blog offers relevant business tips, weekly student and professional features, supply reviews, and encouragement for aspiring artists.mjw_success


SUCCESS STORIES Take a peek at some of our most successful students…


laura-headshot mjw_success

mjw_success“…Taking Molly’s workshop was nothing short of life-changing. She celebrates breaking the traditional rules of calligraphy and lettering and finding a style that is all your own. With the education and support I’ve received from Molly’s classes, I left my full-time job located in a cubicle and launched my own company, knowing that my lettering was what set me apart from others in my field. I’m here because of Molly’s remarkable abilities as an artist, a leader, and an educator. She’s the Gandalf to my Frodo.”

-Laura Huston Joseph, Paper & Honeymjw_success


mjw_successmjw_success“I worked with Molly to fine-tune the “quirks” that made my work unique. Her insight helped me be more intentional about my signature style and helped me differentiate my work from other artists’. … At the end of the day, we aren’t just calligraphers, designers, illustrators, painters, etc. We are business people and we each serve unique, specified corners of a sprawling, wide market. I loved being able to open my eyes to new perspectives and information through Molly’s class…”

-Ashley Buzzy, PRESS SHOPmjw_success


AlanaYarbrough_memjw_successmjw_success“…Molly Jacques’ talent is known across the professional channels, from Nike to Tiffany’s, the Wall Street Journal to the New York Times, Google to top advertising agencies, yet she is so down-to-earth and friendly as a teacher! Not only does she provide the resources for you to take home to reference, she takes the time to work with you one-on-one to make sure you understand. Molly’s commitment to authenticity, quality, and integrity in the creative community is unparalleled. I highly recommend Molly Jacques Workshop, I can honestly say they so totally rock!”





Holly Everett


Miya Russell


Abby Hyslop


Kristen Drozdowski

Cindy Phan

Caitlin Leman

Caitlin Leman





Q: Is MJW right for me?


Molly Jacques Workshop was created specifically for individuals who are serious about learning the ins and outs of modern calligraphy and lettering. Just looking to learn the basics? We offer classes for beginners as well!


Q: What classes are currently available? When will the class I want to take be available?


To view our current available classes, visit our Classes page. Be sure to stop back in periodically to see what classes are offered! If you have a question about a specific class, contact us directly.


Q: Will I get personal feedback?


Yes. Personal feedback is offered in any of our $75 courses. In any of our interactive classes, you’ll get feedback on your course projects directly from Molly or other instructors along with other MJW members. Our course forums allow students to ask questions within each class and get feedback within the MJW community.


Q: Are there refunds?


We want to make sure that you’re excited about what you learn! If you aren’t satisfied with the class you are taking within 15 days of purchase, we’ll give a full refund.


 Still have questions? Contact us here.