Friday Feature: Courtney Kirkpatrick
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Here at MJW, our members kick some major butt. We have a great variety of beginner, intermediate, and advanced students and MJW member Courtney Kirkpatrick is a perfect example of how much hard work our members put into their lettering and calligraphy projects! For Courtney’s project, she decided to participate in our beginner’s lettering course along with our beginner’s photoshop lettering course. Let’s take a look at her amazing progress! Above you’ll see where she started: thumbnail sketches. Thumbnail sketches are a great way to get ideas out on paper quickly to set solid compositions.


Courtney took her thumbnails and with a few rounds of pencil sketches and revisions, ended up drafting a gorgeous inked version of her drawing.


Once her drawing was all set, she brought her inked version into photoshop to follow along with our photoshop course.


After a few rounds of revisions, Courtney decided upon her final version shown here. Beautiful, isn’t it?! Go take a peek at how Courtney is using her skills to build her own website and lettering business. While you’re at it, go give Courtney a thumbs up and follow her on Instagram.

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New E-Course: Digital Chalk Lettering

Have you ever wondered how I create full-on chalkboard style illustrations like THESE using my tablet?


Well now is your chance to learn exactly how to create one-of-a-kind digital chalkboard illustrations! Here’s a bit of a run down on my newest intermediate e-course, Chalk Lettering with Your Cintiq or Tablet.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 8.49.44 AM


Welcome to our intermediate course, Lettering II: Chalk Lettering with Your Cintiq or Tablet. This course was created to ease you into intermediate level digital illustrations by introducing a fun and straight forward technique: digital chalk lettering.

Starting the class, I’m going teach you why illustrators choose to use a tablet or Cintiq and how to use yours. You’ll learn how to create four distinct chalkboard lettering styles from start to finish and how to create illustrative elements like banners and small ornamental details. Next, we’ll cover fun add-on details like how to add a highlighted drop shadow or etching to your letters and how to add on flourishes.

The later portion of the class includes tutorials on coming up with layout ideas within Adobe Photoshop, using photoshop brushes to achieve a chalk effect directly on screen, and taking your concepts from start to finish, using a variety of layering digital techniques.

We’ll finish the course by importing our chalkboard background so it sits nicely behind our chalk style lettering and you’ll leave with a beautiful, one of a kind, hand-lettered digital chalk illustration.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 8.49.12 AM


Your assignment is to create a digitally illustrated chalk piece using your Cintiq or tablet and Adobe Photoshop, illustrating a “Words of Wisdom” phrase. This could be something your mother used to tell you, or a quote from your favorite teacher of philosopher.



Freebies: Intuos Tablet Winner!

#mollyjacquesworkshop #tabletSending out a big CONGRATS to @alirmansfield on Instagram today: you’re the winner of our Intus Wacom Tablet giveaway! Please contact us directly so we can send you your tablet right away!

Freebies: Intuos Tablet Giveaway
#mollyjacquesworkshop #wacom Giveaway

Are you ready for our next Wacom giveaway? We’re crazy excited to be giving away an Intuos Tablet! This tablet is perfect for working on on-screen lettering and calligraphy projects along with almost any digital illustration! I’ve had my tablet since 2008 and it’s been my absolute best friend.


  • Go “like” our Intuos Tablet giveaway photo on the @mollyjacques Instagram and follow @mollyjacquesworkshop (if you haven’t already).
  • Repost our giveaway photo on your own Instagram (must be a public profile) with a description telling us how you’d like to use this great product and tag a friend who also loves lettering and calligraphy. You MUST include @mollyjacques@mollyjacquesworkshop and #MJWgiveaways in the description.
  • Send us a tweet at @mollyjacques and @wacom telling us how you’d use the Bamboo Spark and use #mjwgiveaways and #wacom


An Intuos Tablet


The winner will be chosen at random and notified here on the blog December 30th, along with the announcement of our next Wacom giveaway! The winner must have a valid email and shipment address and contact us directly within seven days of the announcement with a shipping address.

Good luck to everyone who enters!


Freebies: Bamboo Spark Winner!
Bamboo Spark Giveaway

Sending out a big CONGRATS to @susaneven on Instagram today: you’re the winner of our first Wacom giveaway! Please contact us directly so we can send you your Bamboo Spark right away!