Hey friends! Molly Jacques Workshop has recently teamed up with Post-it® Brand to share the ways I stay motivated and keep on-track with running a business, being a self-employed artist, and managing it all. I’m excited to share my story a bit with you all and think it’s a helpful peek into what a day in my life often looks like… here goes…

Something that is important to me and keeps me motivated throughout the busy work day is keeping little reminder and motivational Post-it® Notes RIGHT in front of me, usually on my computer. A few things that are really important to me: staying mindful of WHY I work. Is it for money? For recognition? To help support my family? To help others? I think sometimes, it’s a variety of everything. Most importantly, to help others and to challenge myself as an artist to simply be better.

I’m guessing a lot of you folks keep notes in front of you while you’re working as well, right? What is something that is motivating you TODAY? Right now? Snap a photo and share it on social media with #postit and tag @mollyjacques so I can comment back!

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