About three years ago I head the pleasure of meeting today’s Friday Feature: Alana Yarbrough. Alana and I met at my lettering and modern calligraphy workshop at Sugar Paper in Los Angeles in the summer of 2013. Her positivity radiated throughout the whole room and I instantly knew that she was not only talented but also had a knack for spreading good vibes to all. At the workshop, Alana told me she was deeply in love with letters and calligraphy and had been taking in-person workshops over the past year or so with all of the best modern calligraphers out there (hello, one of my favorite: Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls!)




Her knowledge and experience was apparent. Alana had intuition. She had a natural talent for both calligraphy and lettering. Most of all, she had a sincere passion for the art.


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Images via @alanayarbrough on Instagram


Fast forward to 2015. As I prepared to teach an upcoming workshop in southern California, I was in need of an extra pair of hands to help out. I needed someone who was insanely organized, knew calligraphy and lettering, was a social media wiz, and could help me with all things workshop related. I instantly thought of Alana and asked her if she would want to help out with the workshop! Luckily for me, she agreed. I couldn’t have picked a better person and I was blessed to have been able to get to know her a little better.


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Post-workshops, Alana has continued to progress in her astounding lettering skills as well as inspire others (including myself) with her notes of encouragement, hope, grace, and gulps of coffee. Alana is also an MJW alumna! Check out her beautiful work from both of our e-courses, Design a Quote and Intro to Photoshop.


Images via Alana Yarbrough via MJW student gallery


Want to see more of Alana’s encouraging hand lettering and calligraphy? Go check out her Instagram right now and leave a friendly note!


Want to learn some of the skills that Alana learned? Check out our current e-courses over in the shop.