#mollyjacquesworkshop Courtney Kirkpatrick Thumbnail

Here at MJW, our members kick some major butt. We have a great variety of beginner, intermediate, and advanced students and MJW member Courtney Kirkpatrick is a perfect example of how much hard work our members put into their lettering and calligraphy projects! For Courtney’s project, she decided to participate in our beginner’s lettering course along with our beginner’s photoshop lettering course. Let’s take a look at her amazing progress! Above you’ll see where she started: thumbnail sketches. Thumbnail sketches are a great way to get ideas out on paper quickly to set solid compositions.


Courtney took her thumbnails and with a few rounds of pencil sketches and revisions, ended up drafting a gorgeous inked version of her drawing.


Once her drawing was all set, she brought her inked version into photoshop to follow along with our photoshop course.


After a few rounds of revisions, Courtney decided upon her final version shown here. Beautiful, isn’t it?! Go take a peek at how Courtney is using her skills to build her own website and lettering business. While you’re at it, go give Courtney a thumbs up and follow her on Instagram.

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