Business 101:  INTRO to FREELANCE



Hey friends, welcome to our introduction to freelance e-course.

In this course, I’m going to teach you the preliminary basics of freelancing as a professional illustrator. For this series, the term illustrator includes traditional illustration along with hand lettering and calligraphy.

We’ll start by taking a critical look at what it takes to be a successful freelancer, and if you would be a good fit for this sort of occupation. Next, I’ll cover some of the basic challenges you’ll face each day with this sort of job and you’ll take some time to reflect on key questions that will help you decide if freelancing is right for you.

Moving along, we’ll cover a variety of preliminary steps to launching your solo business including setting up your work space, deciding upon a business name and structure, creating a business plan, and lastly, establishing healthy work habits.

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This course is part of a business series that focuses solely on freelancing as an illustrator. As we continue through to the more intermediate and advanced lessons in other classes within this series, we’ll cover the legalities of your business, how to attract the right clients, money management, how to stay organized with larger jobs, how to build an online portfolio, general self promotion, how to navigate work/life balance and how to evaluate your success as a freelancer. Feel free to follow along at your own pace.


Your assignment is to follow along with our course check list and fill out each homework assignment provided within the downloads section. As you learn from the video lessons, you’ll be prompted to complete each assignment.


All the necessary digital assets are supplied within the class.

Course Registration: Business 101: Intro to Freelance

What it includes: Lifetime access to our course Business 101: Intro to Freelance, homework, downloadable templates and assets, forums, and feedback! Art supplies sold separately in our curated online shop.

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